Our Services

1. Light Duty Towing

At Fandely Towing, we specialize in light-duty towing services to cater to the needs of various vehicles. Our light-duty towing service is designed for smaller vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and small trucks.

Our team of skilled and experienced operators is equipped with state-of-the-art tow trucks capable of safely and securely towing light-duty vehicles. We understand that your vehicle is valuable to you, and we handle it with the utmost care and professionalism throughout the entire towing process.

2. Medium Duty Towing

At Fandely Towing, we are equipped to handle medium-duty towing needs with efficiency and expertise. Our medium-duty towing service is designed to cater to vehicles such as vans, SUVs, and small commercial trucks.

Our team of skilled operators is trained to handle the unique challenges that come with towing medium-duty vehicles. We have a fleet of tow trucks specifically designed to handle the weight and size of these vehicles, ensuring a safe and secure towing process.

3. Heavy Duty Towing

At Fandely Towing, we specialize in heavy-duty towing services to cater to the needs of large and heavy vehicles. Our heavy-duty towing service is designed to handle vehicles such as semi-trucks, commercial buses, RVs, and construction equipment.

We understand that heavy-duty towing requires specialized equipment and expertise. That’s why our team of experienced operators is trained to handle the unique challenges that come with towing heavy vehicles. We have a fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks equipped with powerful winches and other necessary tools to safely and securely tow heavy vehicles.

4. Machine Lifts

At Fandely Towing, we offer machine lift services to cater to the needs of heavy machinery and equipment. Our machine lift service is designed to safely and efficiently lift and transport heavy machinery, ensuring a smooth and secure relocation process.

Our team of experienced and skilled operators is trained in operating specialized machinery and equipment required for machine lifts. We understand the importance of proper lifting techniques and safety protocols to prevent any damage or accidents during the lifting and transportation process.

5. Trailer Lifts

At Fandely Towing, we offer trailer lift services to accommodate the lifting and transportation needs of trailers. Our trailer lift service is designed to safely and efficiently lift and transport trailers of various sizes and types.

Our team of skilled operators is experienced in handling trailer lifts and understands the intricacies involved in lifting and securing trailers for transportation. We prioritize safety and take all necessary precautions to ensure that the lifting process is done securely and without damage to the trailer or its contents.

6. Landoll Transportation

At Fandely Towing, we offer Landoll transportation services to cater to the transportation needs of heavy equipment, machinery, and oversized loads. Our Landoll transportation service utilizes specialized trailers called Landoll trailers that are designed to safely and efficiently transport various types of cargo.

Landoll trailers have a unique hydraulic system that allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment and oversized loads. They feature a low ground clearance and a tilting bed, making it convenient to load and unload without the need for additional equipment or ramps.

7. Road Services


If your vehicle’s battery dies and you need a boost, our team can provide professional jump-start services. We’ll safely connect jumper cables to your battery, helping you get your vehicle up and running again.

Tire changes

Whether you have a flat tire or need a tire rotation, we can assist you. Our team will safely remove the damaged tire and replace it with a spare or provide tire repair services if possible. We also offer tire rotation services to ensure even wear and prolong the life of your tires.

Fuel delivery

If you run out of fuel while on the road, don’t worry. We offer fuel delivery services to bring you the fuel you need to reach the nearest gas station or your desired destination. Our team will ensure that you get the right type and amount of fuel for your vehicle.

Lockout assistance

If you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle, our team can help. We provide professional lockout assistance, utilizing specialized tools and techniques to safely unlock your vehicle without causing any damage.

Our Happy Clients!

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about the services provided by Fandely Towing! Our testimonials showcase the level of professionalism, promptness, and customer care we deliver in every roadside emergency situation.

These folks are rocket fast. Unlike regular towing companies which make you wait for as long as an hour, these guys are very prompt and try to arrive in less then 15-20min.

I recently had to get my car towed from Firestone to dealership. Even before I could reach, the the towing guy reached Firestone, took my car keys and was prepared to tow it to the destination. I am thankful for the hospitality of the guy and the quality of service.

Khushboo K.

San Jose, CA


Called for road side service and someone arrived within 30 minutes and was in constant communication with me–letting me know where he was and when he would get to me. After experiencing a poor towing service with another towing company in the area, I was very grateful with the fast and genial service provided by Fandely!

If you are looking for fast and quality service, I’d highly recommend Fandely.

Kristen C.

San Jose, CA


Showed up within 40 min of initial contact with right tools for the job. Hard to find prompt service with knowledgeable people these days..

Joshua L.

Gilroy, CA


One of my student’s car died in front of my garage. Fandely Towing came over and replaced their battery quickly at a fair price. Definitely keeping their business card in case I have any issues in the future!

Yu-ting W.

San Jose, CA


Thank you Fandely Towing for being quick with picking up my car within 30 minutes and dropping it off safely at the repair shop. They communicated with me via text & phone. They arrived, attached car, paid with cc, and dropped off. Thanks again!

Evelyn V.

Berryessa, San Jose, CA